The Battle is Over...Not? from eerie_birth
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A lot of people died, tonight. Three of them were the closet people I had to a family, along with Dawn. There were so many things going on in my head. Dawn, stood by the bodies, with Connor, and I stood by Spike's side, with Cordy and Angel.

Sometimes, you don't realize how far apart people have grown over the years. Angel has, obviously, changed over the years. I've missed out on so much in his life. At this very moment, I felt out of place, in his presence. I felt like me and Spike were intruding on a moment between Cordy and Angel. They had their own lives together in LA, with close friends. Angel had a family, just like I did. Now, we both lost people we loved. Cordy? From what I've heard, Cordy was in a coma. Now, she's back. I didn't know what happened. Why she was in a coma, is beyond me. Maybe, Angel or Cordy will explain it to me. I dunno. Is it even my business? Different emotions were going through me, as I looked at Angel. He never took his eyes away from Cordy. I know, deep down, there is something else going on here. Something deeper than friendship.

Just as I was coming to terms with Angel, possibly, moving completely on, I saw Spike. Spike. I saw him, right before the Hellmouth crumbled on him. He was, literally, on fire. He died. And, here he was, standing in front of me. It turns out, the amulet Spike wore, brought him back to life. He decided to stay here in LA with Angel. I'm still hurt that he didn't tell me he was alive. I mean, this is something I would want to know. Spike has a place in my heart. He knows. Why did he feel like he couldn't tell me?

All these thoughts had to be put in the back burner. Spike was going to kiss me. God. I can't kiss Spike, with Willow, Xander, and Giles dead a few feet from me. This can't happen. Not now. What was he thinking? What was I thinking.

"Spike. W-We can't do this. Not right now. We have to move the bodies. There's no telling what else is out here." There. That was stern and I-I made my point.

Tomorrow, can not come soon enough. I want this whole day to be over. I realize, tomorrow, I will mourn my friends. My family. All the tears I want to shed, refuse to come out, right now. There's too much to think about. We have to help the survivors and move our dead loved ones. Being a slayer comes with it's drawbacks. It's about the mission. Mourning has to be done on my own time. Right now, I had to focus. I couldn't let anything blur my focus. I had to be strong for Dawn. I didn't want her to see me breakdown. She was crying, with Connor. I could see her. One of us, had to be strong for the other. I wanted to comfort her. Be there for her. I couldn't. If I did, I would lose it.

"Let's go." I looked at Spike. I took another glance at Angel and Cordy. They had to deal with the same thing, tomorrow. I looked down. Tomorrow was going to be another bad day. The day when everything hits you all at once. Yeah, I was so looking forward to that. "I guess we can take them back to..." Growls, interrupted my sentence. My head snapped up. Demons, came running around the corner.

"This is not happening. I thought we killed them all. Great, they don't look too happy. This should be fun." My head turned to Spike. Then, I looked back at the demons. We started charging at them, before they could get the upper hand. I started to swing at anything in my way. One demon punched me. I grabbed him by the neck and threw him up against the wall. The next demon, I back-handed. These demons were determined to kill us. I could feel it in their hits. They were more aggressive. Caught off guard, another demon upper-cut me and I flew a few feet and fell to the ground with a loud grunt. My whole body hurt. I was trying to compose myself to get up. The same demon was coming toward me with enormous speed. "Spike!" My leg sprung up and kicked the demon. It bought me enough time to get up. We needed weapons. A weapon. Something, if we wanted to get out of this situation.


Fighting toward Angel from genesis_la
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I never thought I'd be involved in another battle, this soon. The size didn't bother me until we got here. This is big. More importantly, it's serious. Angel got himself into this mess and I'm here to help him out of it. I pretty much dragged everyone here for the fight. The only person here by her will is Faith.

Faith has some special bond with Angel. A weird bond. I guess she thinks she owes him for saving her life. She saved him, when he became Angelus, again. Faith got hurt pretty bad. If it weren't for Faith or Willow, I don't know what would have happened to Angel. When Faith was in Los Angeles, she found out a lot of things. She knew Connor. I knew of him, but never met him until tonight. He definitely took after Angel. Strong, quiet, and good looking. He didn't talk much. Well, except with Faith.

We fought hundreds of demons within a half an hour. A light spread throughout the streets. I had no idea what was going on, but it made the demons weaker. Connor said that it was Cordelia. I looked at him. I was a bit taken back. Cordelia has been in a coma for over a year. No one told us that she woke up. I didn't know she had that much power. Power to weaken these demons. Very impressive. I have to thank her when I see her.

I figured it would be better if we all split up. Faith and Connor would cover one end. Me and Wood would move toward Angel and Cordelia.

"Buffy and I can work this way, take out the demons affected by the glow, you too hang in there, and when we get to Angel, we'll power towards you guys!"

I looked at Faith and Connor.

"We got it, B. We'll stay back and take care of these guys. Me and junior are five by five."

She smiled and winked at me. "Thanks." I ran over to Wood. "Let's go. When we come back, we should check on the rest of the girls." I had a feeling Wood had other plans in his mind. Suggesting that we go toward Angel, might make him think that I just wanted to see Angel. I caught Wood looking at my. My eyes grew a little wide and I turned my face away. It seemed like he was reading my mind. That was creepy.

"A penny for your thoughts." He was in full think mode. A demon came beside me and interrupted us. I punched and side kicked it in the face. Then, I grabbed him and threw him to the ground. Wood, stepped in front and chopped his head off. "I could have done that myself, but thanks." I gave him a small smile.


Focus from genesis_la
buffy focus
So, here I am in a place, headed for Los Angeles. I started a new life in Europe after Sunnydale sank into the ground. I wanted to start fresh. The only possible way I could have done that was to leave the U.S. Giles wanted me to settle in Cleveland, where the other Hellmouth lived, but I said no. All potentials are slayers now. They didn't need me. I decided that me and Dawn would settle in London. It was perfect. The rest of the gang decided to come with me. We're helping slayers overseas. We've started a new Watcher's Council. Through it all, I missed Spike. He saved the world for all of us. I would think about him everyday. At first, it was hard on me, but I came to realize that he died doing what he wanted to do. After that, I left him in peace.

My life couldn't be completely normal, but it was good to have most of the burden off of my shoulders. Like, I could go out and enjoy the European nightlife and not worry about protecting everyone. There were millions of active slayers here, and for once, it wasn't all on me. Although, I did jump in on the action when I wanted. It's a habit. I still think I am the slayer. I survived longer than any slayer before me. I should say, me and Faith did. I can't leave her out. She's been making a huge change. Sure, she still has her 'I don't care' attitude, but she's been doing good with the girls. Occasionally, getting into trouble. Faith could never change completely. I smiled as I looked over at Faith. She looked at me like I was crazy. Me, Faith, Giles and Wood were sitting in front of Xander and the girls. The pilot just announced we will be landing in Los Angeles in fifteen minutes.

I never thought I'd be back here. But, Angel got into a huge mess. That's what he gets for being CEO of Wolfram and Hart. I must say, I would never think Angel would go so low. I wondered what happened to him. It was frustrating. Yes, I still loved him. Maybe, not in the way I once did, but I really felt betrayed that he joined forces with Wolfram and Hart. He wasn't playing for the good guys, anymore. Angel thought he could work good and use the resources, but it looks like it didn't work out that way.

We were on this plane to save the world, and that was it. Save the world, and then we're on the next plane back home. It's bad enough I feel horrible for leaving Dawn back in London, but I needed her safe. I didn't want her anywhere near this fight. There was too much to lose, and I wasn't about to lose her. She stayed back with Andrew, Bethany and Amanda. I knew she would be safe. Still, I knew she would be mad at me for a few days. The sacrifices we make to keep loved ones' safe. Right now, it was time to come up with a place. I had less than ten minutes.

"Alright, so we'll head to the Hyperion. I'm sure Angel kept some weapons there when he left. It's the only place I know that has the weapons we need." Faith's been in Angel's hotel, so I'm pretty sure she knew where everything would be. "Then, we'll go to the alleyway and meet up with Angel. Hopefully, they'll still be there."

I looked around. These poor people didn't know what they were flying into. We had to stop this, before Los Angeles turned into another Sunnydale.

[Giles, Faith, and Wood]

No Such Luck from harshlivinginsd
buffy glare
Me and Angel talked. We got some things out in the open. More like, I got some things out. I had a right to let him know how I feel. Whether he noticed or not, he hurt me. There wasn't much he could say. I didn't expect him to say anything extravagant. That's Angel. Then we mentioned that we love each other. I wish, on some way, that I could take that part back. This could only lead to bad things. I wasn't ready to go down that road, again. Our relationship is complicated. It will always be complicated. There's no way around it. I don't think we could be together, again. I'm starting to realize that things are really over. Those little butterflies in my stomach still float around when I see him, but not as much. There's something a little different. Maybe, I'm moving on? I can't tell. I still love him. I'll probably will always love him, but I know not being together is the right thing for both of us.

Things were getting awkward, and Angel suggested that we go and look for Cordelia and Leonardo. When we went downstairs, we noticed they were both gone. Angel was in a rush to catch up with them. He wants to kill Michael. I wasn't so quick to jump on the bandwagon. He's still human. Sure, he's a jerk who almost raped Cordelia, and killed Angel, but he wasn't successful. I'll leave the killing to Angel. Or, Leonardo for that matter. I'll pitch in with the ass kicking, though. I wouldn't want to miss out on that. Where does Cordelia meet these guys?

I still couldn't get over the fact that Angel was here hanging out with Cordelia. They have absolutely nothing in common. I know I shouldn't take this all out on her. But, I bet she loved every minute, knowing I didn't know he was back. I rolled my eyes at the thought.

We headed outside and started to walk toward Michael's house. Along the way, I asked him about Leonardo. He was probably wondering why I wanted to know more about him. Actually, he was bothered that I asked. I had to reassure Angel that I had no attraction to Leonardo. I really just wanted to know who he was. Angel told me the whole story. Kinda sad in a weird way. He gained a soul, but lost everything.

Our conversation turned from Leonardo, to us. I mentioned how we used to work together, and how it was our turf, once upon a time. I had to let him know that I was still having a hard time with everything. It's still fresh in my head.

"I know, Buffy. I just think that...or thought that it was best for you to not see me around. You and I can only go bad places when we go there, and when we are around each other, we...we want to go there."

I sighed. I couldn't deny it. "I know. Bad is...bad." Angel looked at me. I laughed. "I'm really off my game, huh?" Angel nodded and smiled. "But, I do know what you mean. Next time...tell me you're here. That's all I ask." He didn't have to tell me, but I wanted him to tell me.

"So, let me guess, Michael isn't home?"

My head snapped up. Cordelia and Leonardo were standing in front of us. "Great. This is going to be a long night." I crossed my arms over my chest. "We should just break in and find out all we can about him. What types of magic he uses, any plans he has for us, and anything else that could be a danger to us."

[Leonardo, Cordelia, and Angel]

Walking with Justin from beautiesnbeasts
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Nothing could have prepared me for the direction things were about to take at the moment. Tonight was supposed to be about Homecoming. Celebrating. I think it's what Willow would have wanted. I couldn't say the same for Cordelia. She's a vampire now. She doesn't care. Although, we could have celebrated for her in a different. Well, for human Cordy.

Funny thing is, we didn't get a chance to celebrate. The dance was completely ambushed. Faith and I were too late. There were students dead and Giles got hurt. He was shot with a tranq. We left him in his library office. When we went outside, we faced these twin guys. They had machine guns. Yeah, we could have fought them off, but bullets in our bodies? Not so good. Two men saved our lives. Two vampires, to be exact. The one took off in a van. The other stayed behind, and risked being staked by me or Faith.

His name was Justin. He told us his deal. Turns out he's a vampire with a soul. That threw me off. I've always thought Angel was the only vampire with a soul. Of course, he doesn't have a soul now, so I guess it wouldn't matter. Immediately, I thought Justin was lying. After much questioning by me and Faith, I started to believe him. Faith wasn't buying it. She dragged Xander off with her. Xander didn't exactly welcome Justin, either. I wasn't happy that they decided to leave me here, but it didn't last long. I'm a big girl. I can handle myself.

Justin explained to me how he got his soul. I think he was afraid that I would kill him. I didn't feel threatened. My guard was still up, but something told me that Justin wasn't here to kill me.

"Look, I'm not going to kill you. It's just a bit of a shock that you have a soul, too. In the prophecies, it was always believed that Angel was the only vampire with a soul. But, I guess you wouldn't be in the books if this happened to you, recently." I looked up at him. "This did happen recently, right?" He nodded. "Angel told me so many stories about when he was cursed with his soul. He felt guilty for all the people he killed. You're probably feeling that way, huh?" I took a long look at him. He was cute. Okay, stop. I'm totally not going there. I can't go there.

I started to walk away. He followed. "I-I didn't mean to walk away. It's just my Watcher is back inside and I want to make sure he's alright. Someone shot him with a tranquilizer gun. There are dead students around, too. I have to call the cops and tell them what happened." I heard the sirens in the background. "Well, looks like that's one less thing I have to do. It's all in a days work." I gave him a soft smile. "At least, what happened here, was something that could be explained, easily. I hate making up excuses when supernatural things happen. People start to think you're crazy." I opened the door, and Justin held it opened, as I walked in.

We headed toward the library. I walked to Giles' office. He was sitting up. "Giles." I ran over and sat next to him. "Can you get a glass of water for me? His little fridge is in that corner." I looked up at Justin. He nodded. A moment later, he handed me the glass of water. "Thanks. Here, drink this, Giles." Giles opened his eyes. I held the glass up to his lips and he took a sip.

"Giles, you were shot with a tranq. Do you remember anything?" Giles looked okay, but he most definitely felt a little out of it.

[Justin and Giles]

A Piece of My Mind from harshlivinginsd
buffy lesson
This day couldn't get any better. I took Leonardo to Cordelia's house to see if Michael was around. Michael was a threat and he had to be eliminated. No one answered the door. At first, I didn't think anyone was home. Then, I saw Cordelia's car. She never goes anywhere without one of her new cars. Leonardo pointed out something that made my blood boil. He said he could sense Cordelia, Michael and Angel in the house. My greatest fear was confirmed. Angel was back in Sunnydale. For good? I had no idea. But, I will find out.

I kicked down the door and we both headed upstairs to the third floor. Leonardo's senses were on the ball. We caught Michael closing the door. Before he had a chance to touch the door Leonardo jumped on him. I ran into the room and stopped. I saw Cordelia, curled up on the floor near the window. Then, I saw Angel in the middle of the room, with a magical ring around his neck. Leonardo knocked Michael out and the magical ring disappeared. I walked over to Cordelia to make sure she was ok. I even got a wet towel for her and wiped the blood off of her mouth. She was beat up pretty bad.

"Thanks. Didn't think I'd see you here. How did you know I was in trouble?"

Cordelia seemed to know she was in danger. Angel must have known and told her everything. Obviously, he knew about Michael. I'll question him later. I looked over at Angel. I whispered his name. I don't know how I was able to look at him. I didn't want to look at him. He had me so angry.

"Speaking of which...what are you doing here? You just forgot to tell me that you're in town. It's nice to know how much you care."


Angel didn't say much. I guess he wouldn't know what to say. I deserve an explanation. What brought him back here? And, why didn't he tell me? Cordelia decided to give me her two cents, and answer for him.

Look, Buffy. I don't want this whole tragic love crap in my house. Don't forget my face is completely swollen, since my ex-boyfriend likes to hit and try to rape women. I think that's more important than wondering why Angel didn't tell you he was back."

"Angel helped me, ok? Is that so bad? If it wasn't for him being here, I would probably have gotten raped and maybe Michael would have killed me. Yeah, so what if I brought Angel back here to have a little drink with me. There's nothing wrong with that. We were having fun, until Angel felt Michael in here." I sighed, heavily. "So, don't go all jumping down his throat. He doesn't deserve it. That's the least of our problems now."

I kept looking back and forth between Cordy and Angel. She's right. She could have been raped and I shouldn't be doing this here in her house, but she knew I wasn't going anywhere, and I know she wouldn't kick us out in cold blood. Ok, maybe she would, but we saved her life, so she owes us that much. "You guys were hanging out? Wow. I didn't know you two were so chummy." I crossed my arms over my chest. I looked to Angel for answers, but he didn't say a word.

"See? Michael's not here, anymore. Which means he's still alive. And, he can still come back here and finish what he was going to do to me."

Leonardo comforted Cordelia. I figured he could watch out for her for a few days, and make sure Michael doesn't try anything funny. He took out of her room and they walked downstairs leaving me and Angel by ourselves. "So, are you going to talk to me, or are you going to just stand there? I can't believe you didn't have the decency to tell me you were back. I deserve to know why you're back. You owe me that, Angel. More importantly, what are you doing here at Cordelia's house. All of a sudden you two are the best of friends?"


Patrol from harshlivinginsd
buffy lesson
Tonight I was patrolling alone. Willow and Oz decided it was a good night for some alone time. I guess I expected them to come out with me tonight. My guess was wrong. For some reason, I was a little hurt. I don't know why. Ninety-nine percent of the time, I patrol alone anyway. I have way too much time on my hands. She has a nice relationship with Oz. I shouldn't expect them to keep me company because I feel alone. It's all Giles and Xander's fault. If they didn't leave, I wouldn't have to hound Willow for time. My own best friend is probably sick of seeing me all day, everyday.

I left The Bronze without a proper goodbye. I just wanted to go out and kill something.

It was eerily quiet tonight. Maybe, I'll have a little action. I figured I'd give it an hour before I go home. That hour turned into five minutes. Someone decided to tell me it wasn't safe being out here. That just aggravated me and I knew it was a vampire. I turned raising my crossbow.

The vampire told me his name was Leonardo. He was a vampire with a soul. I couldn't help but roll my eyes. Funny thing...he wasn't attacking me. I really had no other choice than to believe him. I still had my crossbow aimed at his heart. I gave him some time to explain himself.

He was looking for someone named Michael Benedict. I didn't know who this person was. The only Michael I knew was the guy Cordelia was dating and I've only met him twice. Then, he mentioned Angel. Leonardo knew him. That was an interesting tidbit. I told him what Angel was to me. He wanted to know where Angel lived. Of course he was in Los Angeles. He left me to live there. How many times do I rub that in my own face? Plenty.

"You should find him if his being gone hurts you so much."

I glared at Leonardo. "Maybe, you should mind your own business. Me and Angel is not your concern. I'm perfectly, fine. And for your information, I didn't know Michael was a human. I just assumed he was a demon. After all, this is Sunnydale. It's not uncommon for most of the population here to be a vampire or a demon of some kind." Leonardo was good for talking. I've never known a vampire could talk so much. I'm used to Angel's non-talkiness.

"I will go to Los Angeles, if I must, but I've known Angelus or Angel, if you prefer, for almost two and a half centuries. I first saw him in about 1760 in Rome with Darla. I know that he had a soul foisted upon him by Gypsies, who hail from my own Italy, orginally and I know of their magical powers and abilities. Michael Benedict has warlock powers and somehow cursed me with a soul, though I don't know everything about it, yet, other then that it torments me everyday, whenever I think about the past and I only have Michael Benedict as an outlet to take my frustrations on. He will pay. But, he is dangerous, and even a slayer with her powers has to be wary of him. He's capable of killing you or turning you into virtually anything. He's better off dead and not just because I'm made at him."

Ok, way to make me feel small. He knew Angel for a long time. If I would have known that sooner, I would have saved myself of embarrassment. "When you see Angel, tell him I said hello." I smiled very softly. "I'll help you find Michael. I've got some contacts that we can ask, or beat up for information." I figured I'd lighten the mood a bit. My crossbow was still aimed at him, though.

"I'm sorry about prying about Angel, but again, I've known him for a long time, and where we are standing, the man himself was standing in this exact spot, and very recently. Days if not less, Miss Buffy Summers."

My eyes widened. "What? You're lying. If Angel was here, I would have known. I can sense him. I always have." I backed up a little. "He was really here recently? But, how? And why hasn't he come by to see me?" Slowly, I lowered my crossbow to my side. It was a slap to my face. A slap I did not believe. This couldn't be true. I know, for a fact, Angel would have told me that he was here. A feeling of betryal passed through me. I hoped Leonardo was wrong.


Taming Riley from the_embattled
buffy slayer btvs7
Riley was really torn up about losing Graham. It's understandable. I've lost my whole family. Well, fifty percent of my whole family. So, yeah, I know how he's feeling times one hundred.

He stepped up to the plate and took the lead, telling Fred and Gunn to find Angel and Cordelia. I would have said something, but I thought it was a good plan. Splitting up would cover more ground, and I didn't have to witness Angel and Cordelia's new relationship. I just couldn't deal or see it right now. There was too much going on and I didn't need any other distractions in my way. We're already stuck with no way home and two of Riley's friends are dead.

We decided to check out the ship at the beach. There was no doubt in my mind that there were demons on the ship. This whole island was being possessed by these things. When we got on the ship, we went below deck. There were demons in there killing a man. The wife was forced to sit there and watch. We were too late. Riley went off the deep end and started to shoot everywhere. He almost shot the woman. I told her to get out, and she ran off. We staked the wounded demons. Riley continued to shoot the one demon and I had to stop him. I grabbed him from behind and threw him on the floor.

"You were getting carried away. You almost shot that woman. They're dead, Riley. What ever demons were on here are dead." I told him that we need to find the others.

Apparently, he didn't like what I said to him.

"Whatever. I'm still killing any demon that I see not named Angel that's doing anything remotely suspicious."

I didn't know what to tell him. He was acting out of control and he thought there was nothing wrong. "Riley...forget it." He looked over at me. "What? Anything I say isn't going to make a difference. You're out for revenge. Trust me, I know the whole deal, but now isn't the time. We need to figure out a way to get out of here. If you're not on the same page, then you won't be able to help me." I walked off, glaring at him. I chose to stick toward the ocean. We covered most of the wooded areas. Now, it was time to cover the beach.

There are things I'm dealing with, and Riley is the only person that was there when I found the bodies in Sunnydale. I would think he would be a little more focused, and know that I understand what he's feeling. He wanted to do his thing. I wanted to do mine. This couldn't work if we didn't come up with a compromise. It's kind of hard to meet halfway with someone that has his own agenda. His personality completely changed on me. I don't know how much more of this I could take. Certainly, I'll put my foot down when necessary.

"Let's stick close to the beach. We're bound to bump into someone or something that could give us some information. Just keep the gun craziness to a minimum. We don't need anymore innocent human beings dying, tonight." I looked back at him. There was so much rage in his eyes, I couldn't even break it.


New Life, New School, and Moving Forward from harshlivinginsd
buffy drink
I can't believe school starts in a couple of days. Wait, not school. College. It's sort of surreal, actually. College wasn't something I thought about. I'm the slayer. That's all I knew. School and me really didn't mix. Sure, I did well on my SATs, but school in general wasn't my strong suit. I've always worried about saving the world. Now, I have to worry about saving the world, and passing the semester.

Summer wasn't what I thought it would be. Graduation day came and went. I killed the Mayor, who turned out to be a huge snake. He wasn't even hard to kill. To think he was the big bad. Faith is still in a coma. I thought I killed her, so when I found out she was in a coma, that was a shock to my system. I went to kill so Angel could live. I was going to do anything for him. I still would, which is why I can't believe he left. Angel left on graduation day. After everything, he decided to go to Los Angeles. I was hurt, but I understood, at the same time. I don't know if that makes sense, but space is what we needed. Maybe, this could be good for us. He talked about getting out of Sunnydale. We couldn't be together and we were going on different paths. I didn't think it was going to happen, but it did. There was no sad goodbye. We shared a look and then, he walked out of my life. I could have followed him, but I had to do what was best and this is about moving on and starting a new chapter.

Xander went on a road trip around the U.S., and Giles went to England. Me, Willow and Oz hung out a lot this summer. We hung with Cordelia here and there. She won the lottery. I know she was happy. I mean, after everything that happened to her parents, it was something good for her. Money didn't change her. She was still selfish and snarky. She was rich, and now she more rich. Come to think of it, I don't think any of us changed.

Sunnydale wasn't any better. I still had to fight off evil. Willow and Oz helped out when they could. Giles wasn't going to be gone long, but it was so weird not having him here. I'm used to him always being there for me. He was part of my security blanket. It's the same with Angel. I didn't think I could ever live without him, but I did when I had to kill him. This is not school anymore. I'm stepping out into the real world, and that's more scary than any demon I will face.

I decided to meet up with Willow and Oz at The Bronze. They are going to go patrolling with me tonight. I walked into The Bronze and looked around for them. Figures. They weren't here, yet. I sat down at a table and waited.

My thoughts went to Angel. I wondered what he was doing in L.A. I wondered if he would ever come back. Ok, no. Buffy, stop it. I will not think about Angel. I'm here to have a good time with my friends and then patrol. School's coming up and I can't get myself down thinking about Angel. He's the one that decided to leave. It wasn't my decision. I have to remember this is about moving on and staying focused on my life.

I snapped out of my thoughts when I saw Willow and Oz walking over to the table. I smiled with a drink in my hand. "Hey. I didn't think you guys were gonna show."

[Willow and Oz]

Not So Homecoming Dance from beautiesnbeasts
buffy bite ne
Things were different, today. Not to mention the distance between everyone. Sure, it was me, Giles and Oz in the library, but it felt like me and Giles. Xander left school with Faith. No goodbye. Just left. I was a little mad about it. Then again, I wish I would have left early to collect my thoughts and to be alone.

So much has happened. Everything keeps going over and over in my head. I want it to stop. I want to think about something else. Everything seems to keep crumbling down around me. So much lose. So much pain. I hoped that the Homecoming dance would bring us some happiness, but there was a possibility Angelus would show up. It's not definite, but I will have to think about him coming there with Cordelia all night. Before I left my house, I made sure my mom checked herself into a hotel for the night. Angel and Spike were de-invited, but Cordelia wasn't. I didn't want my mom mixed up in this mess. I watched her drive off and turned toward the limo. I fixed my red dress and got in the limo.

I saw Xander and Faith outside. I had questions about those two being together all day. They looked a little chummy from where I was sitting. Xander and Faith got into the car and we drove off. There was small talk, but not much. Faith and Xander were acting majorly weird. Especially, Xander. I asked where he was at all day, and Faith answered for him. She said something about them being at the arcade. Am I really supposed to believe that? Even if I did think something happened between them, it didn't happen. Xander wouldn't do that. I mean, Cordelia was just turned into a vampire. He wouldn't think about hooking up with someone else right now. The thought was just...eww.

With all the confusion going on, we didn't realize we were going the wrong way. Xander noticed. I looked and we were headed away from Sunnydale High. Something stirred in the pit of my stomach. I didn't have a good feeling about it. I knew this night wasn't going to go well.

I managed to knock several times on the front window, with no answer. The driver sped up. At that moment, there was something definitely going on. Without thought, I tried to punch the window open, only to find out that the window was made of plastic. Faith tried and didn't get anywhere. He had to know we were slayers. Well, except for Xander. I don't know where he fit in all of this. I told Xander and Faith to be on guard. I threw an extra axe I had with me at Xander.

"He could have a gun up there, and maybe it's good that we can't get to him, but I have another thought. What if he's locked us in and the car blows five seconds after he gets out?"

My eyes went to Xander. "Way to make us feel better, Xander. If that were the case, then we'd all be dead, right?" Xander looked at me with wide eyes. "The car is not going to blow up. So, stop thinking that. We're going to deal with the situation. Once the car stops, then we'll make our move. I'll head out first, followed by Faith. Xander, stay close to us. I don't want you getting hurt."

The car finally stopped. We heard the driver door open. Then, I heard someone running from the car. I looked at Faith and Xander. I went for the door and opened it. I saw the driver running away. "Hey! You're just going to..." I stopped to take a look at our surroundings. We're in the middle of nowhere. "...leave us here?" I sighed. Faith and Xander were already out of the car, when I noticed a TV and VCR on a tree bark. "You've gotta be kidding me. Let me guess? 'Play Me'." I rolled my eyes, looking at Faith.

We walked over to the TV. "Here goes nothing." I pressed play. I didn't know what was on this tape, or who. This wasn't the work of Angelus.

[[Xander, Faith, Justin and Boris]]


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