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buffyxsummersx's Journal

Buffy Summers
20 January 1981
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Buffy was born in 1981, her mother and father were Joyce and Hank Summers. The two divorced while Buffy was in her teens and Joyce & Buffy moved to Sunnydale from Los Angeles. While in Los Angeles she went to Hemery High where she was Prom Princess and won every award based on popularity and beauty imaginable. But once her calling as a slayer was called upon she hid away and was never as popular as other girls at Sunnydale High. When Buffy arrived she befriended Xander Harris and Willow Rosenberg, even though Cordelia warned her not to. At Sunnydale High she also met her new Watcher, Rupert Giles who was the school librarian. At first she didn't want to still be the slayer, but she eventually saw that she had to be the slayer.

Also in Sunnydale she met vampire, Angel and fell deeply in love with him. Things got "physical" and Angel lost his soul forcing Buffy to kill him which she did and fled to LA to runaway from her problems and what was left of her life in Sunnydale. She came back to Sunnydale soon and graduated from Sunnydale High & went onto UC Sunnydale. Her she met the next love of her life Riley Finn but that too ended badly and Riley fled town. She also gained a new sister, Dawn, a mystical key which was sent to Buffy to protect. She did that, she protected her to her death. She was resurrected by Willow a few months down the line, but the others didn't know she'd been in heaven and not hell as they had thought so Buffy wasn't too happy about being back.

But being back meant that she had to get her life back and so got a job working at the local fast food joint, Doublemeat Palace. When the new Sunnydale High School opened she was offered a job to work as the new councilor there which she also took. Working at Sunnydale High gave her the chance to meet the new Principal - Robin M Wood. He seemed to like her, they went out on a date. But it was also the fact that he knew she was the slayer as his mother was on before her. Taking time off her counseling job to prepare for the upcoming battle wasn't easy. With Faith returning to Sunnydale and the potential slayers preferring her Buffy was swiftly kicked out of her home. Out of her home and down & out, Spike gave her the pep talk she needed. She began her rise to the top again. Led the potentials into battle and won, with Spike's help. Now she's not the only chosen one, she's one among many, ready to lead a normal life. Also it's now known that she was last known to be somewhere in Europe.

Bio courtesy of : Dusk Til' Dawn

*This journal is for RP purposes only. Joss Whedon owns the character of Buffy Summers*

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